Are you Angular js web development company, Angular js development agency or a partner with Angularjs development service, then you might be all knowing about angular development tools for designing and building angular web site or an online store. There still exists a bundle of tools out there for angular web developers to leverage and create matchless websites and user experiences. However, very few must be acquainted with these angular tools that can be helpful in bringing out new possibilities and excellent user experience for the visitors. So, let’s dwell into these incredible tools that can be helpful in your angularjs development service.

The best angular js  service partner in india
The best angular js development service partner in india

What Are The Best AngularJS Tools For Application Development?


Among the various angularjs development tools, Karma is one of them that is widely used by any angularjs development company. With its excellent user interface, it offers the facility to code on any device from laptop/desktop browsers, tablets to even phones.


  • It offers test coding in various browsers.
  • It is easy to integrate with Semaphore, Jenkins, and Travis.
  • It works well with all types of browsers.
  • It provides help anytime due to a vibrant open-source community at GitHub.


An excellent framework — Protractor is the best option for superior app development. The interesting thing is that it offers an automatic and highly interactive application development ecosystem where angularjs web developers can easily work. Empowered with numerous new-age technologies, the tool also includes various technologies such as Cucumber, Selenium, Jasmine, and Mocha.


  • It provides a complete set of end-to-end testing tools.
  • It offers functionality of automatic syncing of web pages and tests.
  • It allows testing on a real browser.

Angular IDE

Whether you are a beginner or an expert angular web developer, Angular IDE is considered to be an amazing IDE tool for developing web applications. Developed by CodeMix, this Angular framework enhances syntax-aware source coloring, auto-completion of code, real-time validation and numerous other unique features.


  • It provides advanced formatting options.
  • It offers auto-completion of code for error-free and expedite projects.
  • It also has HTML template that helps in auto-completing codes and aids in the detection of mis-defined tags.

Which 10 Tools Should I Use To Make AngularJS Development Easier?


In-built with intelligent coding options, Webstorm provides AngularJS web developers with incredible navigation tools along with error-detecting features. Angularjs development services leverage these angular tools and create excellent web applications.


  • It is an excellent coding assistance for various JavaScript languages CSS, HTML and Node.Js
  • Extraordinary custom features that match your coding style.
  • Incredible features include testing, tracing, debugging, and profiling.
  • Highly efficient in running ESLint, JSCS, TSLint, Stylelint, JSHint, and JSLint.

Sublime Text

For any AngularJS developer India, Sublime Text is regarded as one of the ultimate text editor tools for web development. Along with providing better customization features, Sublime Text tool also brings along with numerous packages that help in simplifying working with AngularJS.


  • It has CSS sorting features for sorting properties in alphabetical order.
  • Goto Definition functionality provides information by simply hovering other the symbol.
  • Multiple Selections enables angularjs developer to change numerous lines or variables altogether.
  • Goto Anything functionality helps to save time by helping you jump to words, lines or symbols.

What Are The AngularJS Tools For Web Application Development?


One of the best things, you can also say the USP of Jasmine is that it is feasible to run on any Javascript-enabled platform. It is an open source angular development tool that exclusively helps in testing. Jasmine utilizes BDD — Behavior Driven Development in addition to utilizing it for TDD — Test Driven Development. Along with Jasmine testing tool there is another testing tool Karma as discussed above, which forms a perfect DUO with Jasmine. Being an angularjs development company with these two tools in your development toolkit, testing and debugging becomes easier for you. And, helps you to create excellent websites and web applications for helping business grow or you can hire Angularjs developer India for exceptional results.


  • Easy to run on any Javascript-enabled platform
  • Excellent open source platform exclusively helpful in testing

Visual Studio

Exclusively innovated by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, and Linux, Visual Studio Code is a matchless angularjs development tool. The in-built intelligent editor of Visual Studio makes it one of the fastest AngularJS development tools available today for both angularjs development company and angularjs web developers.


  • Functionality ‘Peek’ on clicking expands into an inline window showcasing the full definition of the function.
  • The IntelliSense feature offers smart completions of imported modules, variables types as well as function options.
  • Built-in GUI for Git offers ease of seeing the changes made in the project.

Angular Testing Library

Inspired by the methodology of React Testing Library, this unique Angular Testing Library overall takes a different approach compared to the other ones available in the market.
The angular testing library does not encourage testing implementation details from your components as much as possible. Instead, it interacts with the component programmatically. In a way, this testing library makes working with the DOM as easy as possible. It allows all the shortcuts to extract components and a vast API to interact with DOM nodes rather than the component’s internal nodes. Hence, your testing keeps on working.

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These tools are not only fascinating but also quite effective in supporting angularjs development agency or empowering angularjs web developers to create exceptional websites. Angularjs is a growing development technology that is widely used these days. So, if you are looking to develop angular based web applications, hire angularjs developer India and build exceptional web applications.