Players in Final Fantasy XIV use Gil for various purposes, such as buying houses and gear, as well as cosmetic items like glamour items, mounts, and minions. Having enough Gil is crucial for a great gaming experience. In this article, we’ll share simple strategies to make money in ffxiv with little effort and over time. These methods are not get-rich-quick schemes; instead, they are consistent ways to earn Gil steadily.

Crafting: Quick and Reliable Gil

Crafting is one of the fastest, easiest, and most dependable methods of earning large amounts of Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. Here’s how it works:

  1. Craft Gear in Bulk: Players can craft a large number of gear items at once and sell them on the Market Board.
  2. Upgrade or Purchase: Use the profits from selling crafted gear to upgrade weapons and armor or buy houses and mounts.
  3. Timing Matters: This method works particularly well during major patches when more players gather in-game.

A skilled crafter can potentially earn millions of Gil within just one or two weeks using this strategy!

Pro Tip: When selling items on the Market Board, remember to undercut other players’ prices. This means selling your items for slightly less than what others are offering. It may seem counterintuitive, but undercutting can often lead to more sales and higher overall profits.

Gathering: Lucrative Professions

Gathering is another profitable profession in Final Fantasy XIV, especially when focusing on specialized gathering skills. Here’s how you can make the most out of gathering:

  1. Time Management: Avoid spending too much time grinding for basic materials like ores. Instead, prioritize activities that have higher potential earnings, such as undercutting or participating in raids.
  2. Alternative Methods: If you’re not inclined towards direct methods like crafting or Retainer Ventures, undercutting is a more efficient and reliable choice for earning Gil in this game.

Fun Fact: By the end of the game, most players will have accumulated a significant amount of Gil. This currency can be used for various purposes such as catching up with current content, buying gear or cosmetic items, and even acquiring houses and mounts. Having an abundance of Gil allows players to personalize their characters freely!

Additional Tips for Making Gil

Here are a few more tips to boost your Gil-making potential:

  1. Stay Updated with Game Content: Crafting and gathering skills need to keep pace with the game’s updates to remain valuable. For example, Tier 8 armor requires high-level crafters to create it.
  2. Capitalize on Fashion Trends: Players often seek the latest glamour gear for their characters. Pay attention to popular styles and craft or gather materials accordingly.
  3. Utilize Market Board Across Characters: If you have multiple characters, take advantage of selling rare and valuable materials on the Market Board using each character. The more items you sell, the higher your profits will be!
  4. Treasure Maps: Treasure maps can be a fantastic way to quickly earn Gil, especially after major patch updates when more players are actively exploring the game world.

Remember, making money in Final Fantasy XIV takes time and effort. Use these strategies consistently, and you’ll see your Gil reserves grow steadily over time!