A hot air balloon ride is the most exciting and exotic experience that everyone should experience once in their lifetime. But, when you head toward hot air ballooning you desire to dress in comfortable clothing that would not be too cold or too hot. But, what to wear during a hot air balloon ride? As the sun rises over the horizon, you can’t resist yourself and feel excited about your most adventurous hot air balloon ride. You would have waited for this ride for weeks and now can’t wait to grab the stunning view of the landscape from the skies. But, as you start this awesome journey, you don’t have any idea about what to wear. So, let’s find out about what to wear during hot air balloon rides.

During summer balloon rides

If you are planning to experience a hot air balloon adventure during summer, you should wear it accordingly. Wear airy and light clothing that keeps you pretty cool, such as shorts, a sundress, or a t-shirt. Ensure to apply sunscreen over your skin to keep it protected from getting sunburned as you would spend lots of time outdoors. Take that as it would protect your head and face from the sun, and consider tying your hair in the form of a ponytail or a bun if you own long hair to avoid it blowing too much.

During winter balloon rides

If you desire to experience a hot air balloon trip during winters, it is pretty crucial to dress according to the cold weather. Ensure to wear various layers of clothing that you could easily take off whenever you feel warm. A hat, scarf, and coat would greatly help you to stay warm during early cold hours. And, ensure to tie your hair back in a bun or in a ponytail to avoid it from blowing too much. 

Wear comfortable shoes

During a hot air balloon ride, ensure to wear correct and comfortable shoes that provide you with enough comfort. Never wear shoes that are too slippery because you need to grab something when you enter the basket. Also, don’t wear too heavy shoes as it could become hot in the sun, so the best shoes for a hot air balloon ride should be comfortable and light with good grip. Running shoes is the ideal option and along with it you also require a pair of socks in case your feet feel cold. 

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Hot air ballooning is a great experience that everyone should try once in their lifetime to avoid stress and refresh their soul. It provides you with a way to view the world from varying perspectives and allows you to create some long-lasting memories. When deciding what to wear for a hot air balloon ride, make sure to dress according to the weather and avoid any constricted clothing. With the help of clothing tips, you could enjoy the most fantastic sky ride organized by sky waltz balloon safari. So, book your sky ride with the most trusted balloon travel company and enjoy the most awesome ride.