Delivering the facility of receiving payments online performed via credit cards and other payment methods is essential to drive your online business globally. An international merchant account will be a suitable option for your business. As it comprises a credit card processing service that would serve the global payment processing solutions to specific industries. By acquiring our international merchant account solution, you can also maintain a complete track history of transactions and let them updated regularly. At WebPays, our primary goal is to provide global support to businesses with an updated merchant account service and other management suitable for the accounts.

We serve numerous high-risk businesses such as adult toys businesses, telemarketing businesses, online pharmaceutical stores, online gaming businesses, and many more. We are delivering our high-risk merchant services with full-fledged payment solutions relevant to your global business and enabling you to accept global payments online.

What do you mean by International Payments?

International payments involve merchants, customers, banks, and funds settlement organizations processing in at least two different countries with various currencies. They are also referred to as global payments or cross-border payments. As every country has its own set of criteria for financial regulations. Additionally, opposing rules and payment systems have to be taken before initiating a merchant to accept international payments. So, online merchants need to get an international merchant account to ease the process of accepting global payments.

What is an international merchant account?

An international merchant account is a sort of account that enables your online business to take payments from global customers in their preferred currencies performed via different payment methods. And your customers will experience smooth and fast payment processing without any security concerns. You will get readymade checkout platforms that facilitate your customers to make payments. After verification of the payment details. You will get the funds settled in your merchant account.

Why Do Global Businesses Need an International Merchant Account?

A global payment gateway solution is a system that enables online businesses to accept and process a customer’s credit or debit card details. You can also get full support in approving global payments and facilitating online payment maintenance. However, it is significant to function with an international payment processor and a high-risk merchant account. Because you will be unable to take global payments without a high-risk payment gateway.

Businesses that are processing global transactions by using an international payment gateway can also process multi-currency payments across the world. It will also deliver extreme management features for global financial rules and delivers access to numerous languages. Basically, merchants find a massive variety of payment service providers that deliver amazing domestic and international payment processing solutions at affordable costs to accept global payments.

Benefits of our International Merchant Account

These are some benefits you can avail yourself of by acquiring our international merchant account:

  • An international merchant account that we deliver at WebPays will offer you the best security features. And also fast & smooth payment processing features for a seamless payment processing experience.
  • Our payment processing services are expanded globally to fulfill merchants’ global payment requirements and that lead to the increment of your business range. This will not leave you with the country’s limit.
  • We provide our merchants with multi-currency payment features. So there will be zero currency issues and payment processing can be done in any currency of any nation without any issue or type of payment stuck issues.
  • You will be facilitated with various carts with developed plugins with numerous security features to integrate into your website. And also provide your customers with a seamless checkout experience.
  • You will get multiple fraud prevention features to experience more secure payment processing without facing fraudulent activities.

Additional perks WebPays delivers an international merchant account

We provide our high-risk global payment gateways to take and process online payments from across the globe. However, that also allows the customers to convey through the internet for buying and selling processes. The merchants can also get an online system or a payment gateway platform from WebPays to offer excellent payment processing solutions via a specific and effective checkout platform.

WebPays also provide merchants with enhanced telemarketing merchant accounts, forex merchant accounts, adult toys merchant accounts, gambling payment gateway solutions, casino merchant accounts, and many more. This is so simple and effective with affordable prices for online customers. So you can experience increased business revenues and save more time with the execution of a sale.

Our global payment processing service delivers pleasant buying processes. And that would help in the group of transactions from end users. Our payment gateway solutions also deliver net banking, online wallets, BNPL (buy now pay later), and credit and debit card payment processing. Yet, this can be regarded as an intermediary in acquiring the best payment choices. Such as online payments being sent by different banks, various card networks, and also global businesses. So, it is a one-complete payment platform that has a connection with executing global transactions in the best possible manner.

Enhanced Customer Faith and Loyalty

WebPays, one of the leading payment service providers will not assess extra global payment processing fees. If global credit card payments conduct in their regional currency. Then it can also save customers’ funds and enhances customers’ faith and loyalty in your payment services. Because you will also get direct calling facilities to customer support. So that you can share your issue at the same time it occurs and get the best solution to fix the issue and enhance your business revenue and sales.

Lower Credit Card Declining Ratio

Global payments performed via credit cards are executed in the local currency in which the credit card payment was initiated. And which can lead to a decreased declining ratio. However, credit card-issuing brands are not attainable to specify online transactions as significant fraud. Online customers are more glad to experience online purchases at an online website. However, when they get to know that their online transactions will be smooth and stress-free.

Decreased Chargeback and Refunds Volume

Management of the funds available at a business and detailed buyer’s local currency adds transparency to the actual cost of a product or service. However, this actually decreases the chargebacks and refunds volume. Relatively, this sort of clarity will also help in enhancing customers’ dedication and increase the business’s revenue.

Multi-currency Payments and various online payment methods

Our international merchant account will enable your business with multi-currency payments and different online payment methods. That can facilitate your customers with multi-currency payment choices and the ability to pay via your desired payment method securely. You do not have to worry about currency choices. Because we deliver perfect eCommerce payment gateway solutions through which online businesses can accept and also process transactions in more than 100 currencies.

Complex but significant solution for global businesses

International merchant accounts can also face some complications but are still significant to accept global payments. However, processing online payments around the world mean functioning with global prices, numerous currency conversions, regional rules and regulations, and foreign exchange costs. Opting for an international payment gateway solution from an immense variety of options is not that easy.

For online eCommerce businesses that are specified to the global system. Understanding and processing global transactions can be a mystery comprising various secrets. So, you will need to conduct proper research and consider all the essential factors when preferring an international merchant account for your global transactions. You will also need to focus on security terms and fraud prevention features to opt for a suitable global payment gateway solution. That can make your global payment processing fast and smooth. And you can also deliver a secure payment processing experience to your customers worldwide. As an outcome, your client base will expand and enhance your business revenue.


We at WebPays deliver a complete suite of payment processing features and secure acquiring bank associations. Our primary objective is to offer excellent global merchant accounts service across the world with a great global expansion and also amazing customer support available 24*7. So, if you like to grow your online business internationally and increase your customer base with advanced security features and smooth payment processing, you can opt for WebPays. You can drop us a mail with your business structure and payment requirements. And we will examine your business and suggest you an international merchant account in Europe as per your business requirements. If you want to get further details regarding payment solutions, then you can visit our official website for further details.