Do you want to increase your audience on LinkedIn and reach more B2B clients on this platform? To do this, you’ll have to master the LinkedIn algorithm

LinkedIn is the largest professional network, with over 1 billion members globally. But have you ever considered how LinkedIn ranks specific posts and shows them to a particular audience? 

At its core, the LinkedIn algorithm significantly controls what content is prioritised in your LinkedIn feed. So, to enhance your content’s visibility, you’ll have to understand everything about how the LinkedIn algorithm works.

Here, we’ll also discuss how to use the algorithm to boost your B2B business’s presence on this platform.

What is the LinkedIn Algorithm?

The LinkedIn algorithm is a system designed to maintain the quality of the platform. It filters out irrelevant content and selects the posts most likely to grab people’s attention. 

Then, it shows those types of content in the right audience’s feeds. In essence, this algorithm works to prioritise relevant, high-quality content and encourage user engagement. This algorithm will work best for you if you generate great-quality content and publish it regularly on LinkedIn.

How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works in 2024

This year, LinkedIn has undergone a significant transformation. The updated strategy ensures that high-quality and relevant content is promoted. Now, viral content is no longer the main focus. 

LinkedIn is one of those platforms whose user base is consistently increasing. In fact, in the last two years, LinkedIn has reported an impressive 27% increase in content viewed and a 42% increase in shared content.

So, it’s clear that LinkedIn is committed to providing its users with the best possible experience, and this shift in algorithm is just one example of that commitment.

In short, the LinkedIn algorithm update in 2024 acknowledges meaningful interactions. So, to make the most of this algorithmic shift, focus on creating content that adds value, promotes genuine connections, and aligns with your audience’s interests.

There are multiple ways how the LinkedIn algorithm assesses your content. Let’s discuss them in detail:

1. LinkedIn Assesses Your Expertise

LinkedIn is committed to delivering high-quality content to its users. For this, it places a significant emphasis on analysing individual expertise more extensively. It goes beyond the quality of the content that you have posted. 

The LinkedIn algorithm will assess your expertise and background and decide whether your content deserves to be ranked. 

For instance, if a business owner posts content about the financial industry, this algorithm expects that he is related to it and has significant expertise. This approach guarantees the credibility of the published content. 

By analysing these factors, the algorithm decides whether to share or reject your content, considering it irrelevant. So, ensure you share that kind of content where you are well-versed and have more profound expertise. 

2. LinkedIn Determines If A Post is of Good Content or Spam

The LinkedIn algorithm determines whether your content is of good quality or spam. It deeply assesses your posts to decide whether or not they violate the platform’s guidelines or other community policies.

If it finds AI detection in your content, it will automatically filter it. Such posts have relatively little to no chance of ranking on this platform. 

Here are a few examples of spam content that you need to avoid on LinkedIn: 

  • Overstuffing of keywords
  • Chain letters
  • Irrelevant images and comments
  • AI-generated posts
  • Hard-to-read content

So, while producing content for LinkedIn, you must ensure that none of the above-mentioned elements are in your content. Otherwise, all of your marketing efforts will become useless.

3. LinkedIn Algorithm No Longer Promotes Viral Content 

Previously, LinkedIn highlighted the most viral or engaging content. However, this resulted in irrelevant or low-quality content floating at the top of users’ feeds, so it is no longer the main focus of Linekdin’s algorithm.

Instead, the platform is more inclined to promote high-quality content that provides value to users. It ranks such content, making it more likely to be seen by many communities. 

Valuable Tips to Make the Most Out of LinkedIn Algorithm 

Here are some result-driven strategies to enhance your chances of seeing your content on LinkedIn’s algorithm.

  • Focus on Relevance Over Virality

Your content should not aim to appeal to a large audience but share insights that resonate with a specific professional audience. 

For instance, if you decide to write about your passion for kitchens in Middle Eastern architecture, the algorithm will ensure that the appropriate individuals see it.

  • Spend Significant Time on LinkedIn

The more time you spend on LinkedIn, the better your chances for ranking. Marketers who consistently publish content on LinkedIn are more likely to be seen by the potential clientele. So, publish frequently.

However, don’t forget that LinkedIn has placed its utmost focus on quality content. So, make sure that your posts are relevant and of excellent quality. This will maximise your chances of getting into the right spotlight on this platform.

  • Schedule Your Posts for the Best Times

You’ll have to publish your content at the perfect time to garner greater engagement on your posts. If your audience is busy somewhere else or asleep, your posts are likely to go overlooked with little engagement. 

Schedule your posts when most users are active on this platform to ensure that your content is seen and interacted with users. You must also thoroughly research to identify the best time to post on social media. 

Keep in mind that every industry and its user base are unique. So, try different timings and see what works best for your field. 

You should also create a content calendar. Sharing multiple posts on LinkedIn is an excellent way to enhance your output.

  • Avoid Outbound Links

The LinkedIn algorithm update also reveals marketers should avoid incorporating outbound links into their content. 

LinkedIn doesn’t want to direct its audience to other platforms, so it will not prioritise or rank content with outbound links. So avoid using it in your content.

Quick Tip: If you need to share an outbound link to direct users to your website, you can pop it in the comment section. 

End Note

The LinkedIn algorithm can initially overwhelm B2B marketers. However, it is not as intimidating as it seems. With a deeper understanding of the LinkedIn algorithm updates, you can master it and generate high engagements on your posts. 

The algorithm prioritises consistency, engagement, and relevance. So, keep these factors in mind while generating content here. This will get your posts in front of more users and boost your overall company’s image on this social space. 

Use these tips and make the most out of LinkedIn’s algorithm. 


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